Catherine recognises that every project requires its own specific approach and every member of a creative team or participant in a workshop has their own way of working. She has a very flexible approaach to time scales and budgets in recognition of the fact that certain projects will be more intensive than others, as well as the fact that certain pockets are deeper.



This forms the bulk of Catherine's story consultancy work. Projects can be at any stage of development, from the basic story which might need a treatment and pitch deck, to a developed script which needs a new draft as it moves towards production.


The first step is a brief discussion about the project and the team's intentions for it.

This is followed by a reading.

An in-depth discussion always takes place before written notes.

Written notes are provided as a clarification of the discussion for the team, rather than a prescription.


2. Consultancy

Every project has its own particular trajectory from concept to realisation. This means that sometimes a story or script might be at a stage where it needs help without it being formal script development. There may not be a script. Or there might be just one sticking-point that needs sorting in order for everything to flow. 


This process is the most flexible. It can be on an hourly rate, a daily rate or it can simply be a fee for helping to solve a problem or move a project forward.


3. mentoring

Catherine has mentored a wide range of writers and directors, from ex-offenders looking for a way to continue their practice on release from prison to artists moving into film from another medium.


Most of Catherine's mentoring is through publicly funded bodies or charities - some of it pro bono. But there is also the possibility for mentoring to take place on a project where formal script development isn't appropriate or necessary but a sounding board or coaching role can make all the difference.


4. workshops

Catherine has created and delivered workshops internationally for over  twenty years. These range from a basic introduction to shaping short film story to intensive residential workshops for professional writers, directors and producers, as well as training for actors and directors. With an academic background, Catherine has also worked in the higher education system at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Workshops are always tailored to the needs of the participants and respond to the reality of working in a rapidly-changing industry. Never prescriptive, workshops are always based on the premise that if you're being creative and productive then you're having a good time.